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School examination books must be prepaid. Examination books may be returned within 60 days for a refund (cost of books only).
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Orders for less than 10 books must be prepaid.
Add one dollar to the cost of each book.
To return books: Request by mail. All books must be returned within 60 days to recieve credit.
Add 15% for Postage and Handling (minimum $2.50).



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1S   Grade One History - Student's $7.50  
1T   Grade One History - Teacher's $23.50  
2S   Grade Two History - Student's $7.50  
2T   Grade Two History - Teacher's $23.50  
3S   Grade Three History - Student's $8.50  
3T   Grade Three History - Teacher's $25.50  
4S   Grade Four History - Student's $8.50  
4T   Grade Four History - Teacher's $25.50  
5S   Grade Five History - Student's $9.50  
5T   Grade Five History - Teacher's $27.50  
6S   Grade Six History - Student's $9.50  
6T   Grade Six History - Teacher's $27.50  
Teachers Manuals include an additional 40% more hands-on materials in each book.
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