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    All history curriculums available today have excellent factual content concerning history, government, and geography. For Christian schools, a factual approach to teaching history should only be a beginning. A key element of the Our Christian Heritage curriculum is to teach for conviction during a child's most impressionabele years. Our history series includes a "Principled Approach" to teaching history, government, and geography.

    Our forefathers sacrificed their fortunes, their honor, and their lives because they lived by principles, and these principles were based on the Word of God. If we can develop convictions within our children and help them internalize life principles while they are young, when they are older they will not question the morals and ethics presented by the Word of God.

    We wish to thank you in advance for considering the Our Christian Heritage elementary history curriculum. Please take the time to look through the information presented on this site.

Our Christian Heritage uses a variety of developmental thinking skill activities that include:

  *Using and making charts and timelines

  *Comparing and Contrasting

  *Drawing conclusions

  *Discerning cause and effect

  *Seeing ideas from different points of view

  *Having and supporting opinions

Yours in Christ,
  Samuel R. Noel, M.S., M.A., Publisher
  Cherie T. Noel, B.A., B.A., Author

    Throughout His Word, God has used historical truth and the life stories of men to bring conviction into the lives of men and nations. In a similar way, God desires us to learn similar lessons from the study of history, geography, and government. He wants to teach important concepts, such as reliance and faith in God, Christian character, individual dignity, self-government, and individual responsibility.

    All history is Christian --- God deals with man directly and allows things to happen for a purpose --- "that they should seek the Lord." Acts 17:24-27. It is my desire and prayer that history curriculum will be a tool God can use to help all of us learn more about Him and His ways.

Mrs. Cherie Noel, M.A. Administration & Curriculum Development


Our Christian Heritage History Curriculum
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