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History Curriculum

Curriculum Distinctives

Student Manuals

 Places a strong emphasis on inner character development and biblical principles.

 Uses the various levels of thinking skills rather than an emphasis on rote memory.

 Emphasizes an understanding of historical truths as part of God's plan.

 Teaches an understanding of government from God's point of view.

 A workbook approach is used to involve the student in the learning process through a variety of developmental activities.

 Each level emphasizes a deeper unfolding of God's plan for mankind through geography, American history, and government.

 Biographical studies are included to show how God has worked out His plan through man to give students a vision of how God can use them.


All students will complete the grade level
workbook each year. All other materials
are included in the Teacher Manuals.
No other materials need to be purchased.


Curriculum Objectives

Teacher Manuals

 To teach young people that the bible is the foundation for understanding geography, history, and government.

 To teach that God had a design and purpose for everything He made, which includes continents, landforms, and waterways.

 To emphasize that a true understanding of government begins with the concept of self-government.

 To learn to see the hand of God in all of history.

 To understand that God had a purpose for every aspect of history.

 To teach history, geography, and government through applying ideas learned in a variety of character building activities.

 Target truths and principles for each section.

 Vocabulary development.

 Teaching strategies for each section.

 Principle and character trait activities.

 Stories to emphasize geographical concepts and historical characters and ideas.

 Ideas for skits, artwork, composition, and group work.

 Additional worksheets which include activities, mapwork, vocabulary, and timelines.

 Quizzes or test for each section.

 All materials printed on separate pages ready for the teacher to reproduce as needed.

 No other materials need to be purchased.

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